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Imagine coming home to Holland Park every day.

You come in down wide, tree-lined Fanshaw Boulevarde. You see neighbourhood kids playing badminton, while their parents sit and chat at the nearby tables. It looks shady and cool, and the leaves of the many trees are a luscious, bright green.

You pull into your driveway.

Your lawn is looking really soft and healthy now – that landscaping package and 12 week landscaping maintenance bonus has really made a difference.

Inside, the kids are already doing their homework.

The NBN delivers superfast internet speeds, and your partner is also streaming music in the kitchen. Is that a curry you smell? The aroma is delicious.

There’s still time and sunlight enough to enjoy a little Piara Waters outdoor life before dinner, so you change into something more comfortable and gather up the family.

The kids are keen on playing on the many structures and playthings in the nature park, so you take the short stroll up there.

While the kids clamber and laugh, you catch up with your neighbours – they’re cooking up an early barbecue at the community barbecue facility.

All around you people are walking dogs, working out on the free exercise equipment, or simply strolling in the cool evening air.

It’s so relaxed.

You plan your weekend.

There’s a lot going on, but everything is so close it’s easy to manage.

First there’s the shopping.

You can take care of that locally at the Harrisdale Shopping Centre just a couple of minutes away. Or a little further and you’ll be at Cockburn Gateway Shopping City, where over 150 stores provide everything you could possibly need.

And then free time – what to do?

Ice skating at Perth’s only Olympic sized rink? A round of golf at one of the two courses close by? The water slides at Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Centre? Or take a 15 minutes drive to the crisp white sands and calm waters of Coogee Beach.

Then it will be the kids sports – all played locally at the $8 million sports facility right there at Holland Park, of course.

There’s no rush to make a decision.

Holland Park puts you in easy reach of so many activities, facilities, shops, restaurants and cafes that it will take years to discover them all.

But that’s okay, because you have a lifetime.

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