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Pre-Register For Our New Land Release

May 6, 2019

We’re releasing 25 new lots across two new land releases on 17 May 2019.  Land sizes range from 300m2 to 543m2 and some are right opposite parkland.

About The New Land Release

The Mews Release B – The Mews Release A was our last new release and sold fast. This new release is the final release of Mews lots.  Just 7 lots, right opposite parkland.

Knightsbridge Release – This is a brand new release of 18 lots, stretching along Wright Rd and finishing at the park.  It is to the West of Kensington Release – another top seller that has sold out entirely.

You can view the new land release plans below.


To get an exclusive chance to view the new land releases and pre-register your preferred lot, call Martin now on 0488 111 067 or email:




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