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Refer A Friend And Receive $3,000

May 5, 2020

In these unprecedented times, it’s so much better to live close to friends and family. So we want to help you out by giving you $3,000 for any friend/family member that you refer who buys in Holland Park.

Why are we giving away $3,000?

We love our current residents. We love seeing you playing table tennis together, having birthday parties in the parks, walking around the estate with your friends, getting motivated to use the exercise stations and having gatherings at the BBQs.

So we decided that we want more people just like you. And knowing times are tough for some people, we wanted to help out with a little cash bonus.

How Does It Work?

  1. Simply tell your friends and family about Holland Park and encourage them to talk to Martin about a block.
  2. If they are interested, you fill out our Refer a Friend nomination form with your details and your friend/family members details.
  3. If they end up purchasing a lot at Holland Park, you get $3,000 once they complete the settlement of that lot.

You can pick up the Refer a friend nomination form from the Holland Park Sales Office or email for a digital copy.

The Formal Stuff – Terms & Conditions

  • The payment of $3,000 is conditional on the completed settlement of the purchase of a lot at Holland Park by your referred friend.
  • The $3,000 will be paid out in the form of a cheque to the value of $3,000.
  • The payment only applies if the referral does not come from a builder.
  • The cheque will be provided within 30 days of settlement of the purchase of your referred friends lot at Holland Park.
  • Only purchasers of lots in Holland Park (being any person who has had their offer to purchase a lot in Holland Park accepted by the Seller) are eligible for this promotion.
  • The Refer a Friend nomination form must be completed and provided prior to your friend’s offer to purchase a lot at Holland Park being made.

How Do I Start?

When you’re next catching up with your friends/family, ask them if they’re looking to move in the near future. Or if you want to increase your chances of even more refer-a-friend bonuses, put a message out to friends/family.

If someone you know is looking to move, give them a call or invite them over. Find out what they’re looking for and if Holland Park sounds right for them, let them know what you love about living here.

Some people like to give a proportion of their referral  bonus to their friends/family members if they purchase, but that is entirely up to you.

Get in touch with Martin on 0488 111 067 if you have any questions.

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