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Wright Road Roundabout Is Open

September 19, 2019

Holland Park residents (and ourselves) are celebrating the opening of the Wright Road roundabout. It felt like forever but now we can turn left and right on to Armadale Rd. For many people, this will reduce travel times and improve access to the freeway, Cockburn Train Station and Cockburn Gateway.

At the moment, Wright Rd is a single land roundabout. But it will become a dual carriage way roundabout when fully complete. This is expected to happen by end of 2019.

Walking & Bike Paths

The Armadale Rd cycle path is also expected to be complete by end of 2019, creating better access for cyclists and pedestrians. Also in construction is a dual use path along Wright Rd that joins the Armadale Rd cycle path.

The Holland Park developers are currently completing landscaping and a formal entry statement at the Wright Road roundabout. An artists impression of the entry is below.


Upcoming Armadale Road Works

After the Armadale Rd upgrade works are complete by end of 2019, work will commence on the construction of a new bridge over Kwinana Freeway. This will connect Armadale Road and North Lake Road.

The aim of this project is to enable road users to bypass Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre and address congestion at the Kwinana Freeway, Armadale Road and Beeliar Drive interchange.

You can read more about this project here.

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