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Good Neighbours

January 16, 2019

You’ll certainly find great neighbours in Piara Waters.

Smart, Happy Families From All Over The World

Analysis of the latest ABS data shows that Piara Waters has more higher income families than the Perth average. And impressively, one third are University graduates.  This is much higher than Greater Perth, where around 1 in 5 have a University Degree.

We’ve also got a healthy proportion of happy families Around six in ten are married or a couple with kids.

We think it’s so high because it’s such a great place to live. Who wouldn’t be happy with ping pong tables, beautiful parks, a new Primary School, a state-of-the-art sports facility, exercise stations, in-ground trampolines, badmington, BBQs and more.

And then we’ve got a fantastic multicultural mix of people. Imagine your travel options when you live next door to people from Australia, India, England, Malaysia, South Africa and New Zealand. With our background, we definitely should be getting together a strong cricket team!

Healthy Demand

Showing strong demand for the area, a home in Piara Waters pulls in a median weekly rent of $430/week.  This is $70/week higher than the Perth average.

And showing it’s not a fluke, this is consistent with previous commentary about the growth in Piara Waters.

So what are you waiting for? Find your Piara Water’s land here and become part of our wonderful community.

Key ABS Statistics for Piara Waters – Demographics

  • $2,230 median weekly household income (compared to $1,643 for Greater Perth)
  • 62% married
  • 60% couple with kids
  • 33% Bachelor’s Degree (compared to 22% for Greater Perth). 28% have a Diploma/Certificate
  • 32% aged under 20, 18% aged 20-29 years, 28% 30-39 years, 15% 40-54 and 8% 55+.
  • 53% are born overseas, with 47% born in Australia. Top overseas countries of birth are India, England, Malaysia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Key ABS Statistics for Piara Waters – Rent & Mortgages

  • $430 median weekly rent (compared to the Greater Perth average of $360)
  • 76% have a mortgage and they pay $2,383 in median monthly mortgage repayments


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